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Joining the EGI Federation - brochure

This brochure guides you through the main aspects of the EGI Federation, the services offered and the providers from national/ community initiatives forming one of the largest distributed computing infrastructures for researchers.

It also explains the options and benefits to join the EGI Federation and become part of a well-established community serving international research and innovation.

Table of Content

  1. Who we are
  2. Our impact
  3. Our internal structure
  4. Our contribution to the EOSC
  5. Who we serve
  6. Our services for research
  7. Geographical coverage of the EGI Federation
  8. Our internal services
  9. Value of becoming an EGI Participant
  10. Participant options
  11. Participant benefits
  12. Participant fees
  13. Participants of the EGI Council
  14. How to join