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Data Spaces

Integrated data access services, computing and domain-specific processing tools for big data analysis.

Integrated services for your research

Provisioning of integrated compute and data capacity, data collections, as well as cloud-enabled service and processing tools for scalable data analysis.

Key benefits


ntegrated with the EOSC Compute Platform to maximise performance. Datasets, and computing resources are co-hosted in the same data centre.

Secure Access

Secured access to the Data Space via the EGI Check-in service.

Interactive Computing

Optional availability of notebooks services to access and process data with multiple language support.


Data collections can be accompanied with standard metadata with possible DOI minting.

Case study


The European Network for Earth System modelling, ENES, was launched in 2001 comprising a network of about 50 groups including public, academic and industrial partners who agreed to work together and cooperate to discuss strategies to accelerate progress in climate, Earth system modelling and understanding. The ENES community is facing new challenges as a result of increased model complexity and the availability of emerging computing platforms. Moreover, new multi-disciplinary audiences need access to the ever-increasing volumes of data for addressing climate change societal challenges. EGI and partners support ENES solving these challenges.


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During EGI Conference 2021, Sylvie Joussaume introduced the keynote Climate modelling: data and computing challenges. Dr. Joussaume stated, “It is unequivocal that human influence has warmed the atmosphere, ocean and land. Climate models play a key role in understanding the mechanisms behind”.

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