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The EGI Foundation is the coordinating body of the EGI Federation. It was established in 2010 with a headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Enable the EGI Federation to serve international research and innovation together

The EGI Foundation offers a federation and management platform that enables service providers to harmonise interfaces and connect to a common hub. The foundation team engages with research communities to understand the demand, to simplify the access and to drive innovation together.


Who is who

The foundation staff is distributed across many countries and it ensures that the internal capabilities sustaining the federation are delivered professionally. At the EGI Foundation, our employees have the unique chance of collaborating with partners around the globe on many projects involving communities in all domains of science.


What we deliver

In order to enable the EGI Federation to function as a coherent ecosystem, the EGI Foundation delivers a number of supporting services in areas such as overseeing infrastructure operations, user community support, engagement with technology providers, strategy and policy development, flagship events and dissemination of news and achievements. Some of these services are outsourced to specific EGI service providers.


How we work

Enabling the EGI Federation to work together and efficiently serve international research and innovation is an important endeavour.  It requires the ability to deal with many different organisations based in different countries, coordinate the delivery of services from heterogeneous systems, and manage large projects.

To ensure professional support and commitment to continuous improveement, the EGI Foundation established and applies a management system to deliver services and manage projects that obtained the ISO 9001 and ISO 20000 certifications.

We are committed to quality

Our Values

We communicate with integrity and keep our minds open

Our passion for science drives everything we do and we strive for continuous improvement

Through teamwork and cooperation, we achieve greatness together

We build trust in the community and we deliver on our promises

We are committed to serving research and innovation together


At the top level, the EGI Council is the main governing body of the federation that steers the EGI Foundation. The Executive Board is also mandated with the management of the foundation in collaboration with the chair of the EGI Council and with the Director of the EGI Foundation. The foundation staff ensures that the internal capabilities sustaining the federation are delivered professionally.

EGI Council

The EGI Council is responsible for defining the strategic direction of the EGI federation. The Council acts as the senior decision-making and supervisory authority of the EGI Foundation, with a mandate to define the strategic direction of the entire EGI ecosystem.

The EGI Council welcomes applications from like-minded countries and organisations to become part of the EGI vision for a stronger research and innovation sector in Europe.


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Join EGI Foundation team

If you’d like to join us on this mission, we’d love to hear from you! Please look at the job openings or send us your open application. We are always looking for talented people to join our team.

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