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EGI-ACE: Call for Use Cases

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With this call for use cases, the EGI-ACE project offers individual researchers, national and international research projects, and communities access to infrastructure and platform services, dedicated user support and training. The services, support and training are sponsored by the European Commission and various national funding agencies and are free to access to the use cases that will be selected through the call.

What is a use case?

Selection and results

Proposals for scientific use cases will be evaluated by independent experts drawn from the EGI-ACE SDS Board members in a blind peer-review fashion. They assess the objective of the Use Case, and analyse its maturity and feasibility.  Applicants will be notified of the outcome of the evaluation within three weeks from the submission date.

If the outcome is positive, the EGI-ACE SDS will be in touch to identify the resource and service providers that will be involved during the integration plans. These can be national or international, depending on the coverage of the request and its expected impact.

Technical experts from the EGI-ACE project will monitor the integration plan of the use case in the EOSC Compute Platform on a regular basis and once the Use Case has reached the production phase, a Case Study based on the experiences will be produced.

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The Offering

A collaborative path to the digital era

The project offers compute and storage resources, compute platform services, data management services and related user support and training through this call. Majority of the services are sponsored (pre-paid) for the users by the European Commission and by national funding agencies. Some of the services are offered by commercial entities on a pay-per-use basis. 

The total capacity that EGI-ACE makes available through the call between 2021-2023 is 80 Million CPU hours, 250,000 GPU hours and 20 PB storage. Additional resources are allocated to applicants through national compute centres and companies that participate in EGI-ACE.  

EGI Federated

Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloudsHigh Throughput Compute, High Performance Compute and storage resources of the hundreds of centres participating in the EGI federation.

Cloud and High Throughput Compute services from international partners
Commercial Cloud Services
Scientific Tools, Applications and Virtual Machine Images

To be used and customised on the infrastructure resources for your analysis.

Data Management Services

To transfer, to catalogue, to cache and, federate data across multiple compute and data sites.

Training & Consultancy

Network of experts who can help you port custom analytics and simulation applications and scientific datasets to the infrastructure, to operate applications and scientific services in the cloud.


Submissions can be made at any time. There are cut-off dates with a 2-monthly frequency, each followed by the evaluation of the applications submitted up to that date.

Next cut-off date: 15th of February 2023.

Evaluation and notification are within 1 month after the cut-off date.


Project start

January 2021


15th October 2022

Evaluation ongoing


15 February 2023

Next cut-off date

Next cut off date: February 15th 2023

Submit your use case now!

Results: Case Studies from previous applicants


WeNMR: a worldwide e-Infrastructure for NMR and Structural Biology. EGI Case Study.


EMSO-ERIC, the European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and Water-Column Observatory to explore the Oceans. EGI Case Study.


Advancing Earth Science Collaboratively. EGI Case Study.


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